Welcome to 10th International Scientific-Technical Conference on Intellectual Technologies of Linguistic Analysis  (ITLA) – 2017

Main topics of the Conference “Intellectual Technologies of Linguistic Analysis” (ITLA) will be devoted to new directions of the theory and development of the methodology of intellectual linguistic systems, theory and technology of comparative analysis of electronic texts and methods of modeling systems. The Conference is expected to be attended by IT Entrepreneurs, the representatives of leading Ukrainian universities and research institutes. The Conference intends to bring together Ukrainian’s top business and trade associations, the development institutes, expert and professional communities, becoming a platform for discussion the recent global IT trends. The program of the conference includes speeches of invited lecturers and representatives of sponsoring companies, presentation of plenary reports on sections and holding roundtables. On the last day the best reports are selected and the results of the conference are summed up.

Dear students, postgraduates, young research fellows! It is our great honor to invite you to participate in the 10th International Scientific-Technical Conference ITLA which will give an opportunity to report on last scholarly endeavors, examine your colleagues’ research projects. This year’s Conference is being held from 24-25 October in Kyiv, Ukraine. The National Aviation University which is host the Conference being one of the leading educational institutions in the Ukraine.

The conference objectives

 The Conference agenda will work as a competence platform, providing facilities for efficient communication to boost the IT science and engineering knowledge of young scientists and help them in their professional development. Young scientists will be given a unique chance not only to improve their presentation skills and public speaking abilities but to gain an experience of independent scholar publication.

New alliances between young scientists are to be built, and existing partnerships are to be strengthened at the Conference platform.


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